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Student's Journal

Unit Two: Pioneer

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi
Arrow Purpose of Activity:

The following activities allow you to step in the shoes of an animal behavior researcher called an ethologist. You will collect data on animal behavior and create enrichment materials for animals.

Arrow Explore Dr. Goodall’s Pioneering Chimpanzee Research:
  1. Define the word pioneer. (Enter the word pioneer into the dictionary text field.)
  2. View Dr. Jane’s Scrapbook to learn about her pioneering method of research.
  3. Read a chapter from Dr. Jane’s book, In The Shadow of Man to see her research in action.
Arrow Collect Data:

As a researcher, you learn as much as you can about a species before you narrow down your study to a specific topic. In the Observer section, you learned about primates. In this section, you can either continue your research on primates or you can learn more about an animal in your community. You can then narrow down your research on a specific animal or behavior.

  1. Conduct Primate Research At Zoo
  2. Conduct Animal Research In Your Community
Arrow Help Improve Lives of Animals:

A responsible researcher studying captive animals makes every effort to improve the lives of the animals. Enrichment activities are designed to increase the mental and physical engagement of animals through food, social, object, theme, and structural activity. Here are some ways that you can help primates in captivity or animals in your community:

  1. Primates In Captivity
  2. Animals In Your Community
Arrow Complete Journal Entry
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