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Student's Journal

Observer: Survey of Chimpanzee Behavior

Arrow Clip 1: Titan's Curiosity and the Approaching Storm
  • Gremlin: mother holding her twin daughters, Gold and Glitter.
  • Gold: grey beard
  • Glitter
  • Patti: reclining
  • Titan: curious young male chimp who wants to play with the twins. He is the son of Frodo, the alpha male.

Gremlin is sitting with Gold and Glitter. The twins are cuddled close to mother on her lap, playing with surrounding objects on the ground- especially a shell to a fruit that appears to have just been eaten by Patti. There is a rustle in the distant bush. It is Titan. Titan’s curious nature wants to get closer to the twins, but naturally as a mother Gremlin is very protective. Walking around Gremlin he is aware of her anxiety and uses deception in order to get closer to the infants- he sits behind Gremlin and begins to groom. While grooming he often looks over at the twins while glancing at Gremlin, wanting to see a sign that he can make contact with Gold and Glitter, simply out of curiosity. At this point something unknown startles the twins, Titan pulls his hand away and they immediately cling to the hair of their mother. This reaction is very common – the need to hold onto the mother when panicked or frightened is present for many years in young chimpanzees.

The attention of the group is now focused on the strong wind sweeping across the mountainside, indication of an approaching storm. This reaction is very distinctive as the chimpanzees recognize and appear to marvel at this common element of nature. Acknowledging the strong wind and stopping to look in its direction is something that we humans also recognize, often becoming captivated by the force. Typical of Titan’s personality he soon becomes bored and shifts his attention to climbing up a branch.


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