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Action: Human Community Project
Human Community Project

5. R&S high school Human community project – possibilities (these are from past newsletters – check if they’re high school groups & choose one):

  • The Singapore American School ECO Club helped to build a “Blind Nature Trail” with Braille signs and arrange outings for the Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped. (Spring 2000 newsletter)
  • The Lake Country R&S group began a partnership with the local food pantry. The students helped to collect and unload food and necessities, and set up donation boxes. The project’s success has led to the involvement of the entire school in working at the food pantry. (Spring 2000 newsletter)
  • The West Hurley R&S group helped organize a food drive for Native American families on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. They collected 16 boxes of food. Chief Perez, the director of the Inter-Tribal Peace and Healing Center, did a presentation at the school about the food drive, ceremonial objects, and rituals. (Winter 2000 newsletter)
  • The San Fernando R&S Club learned about the Navajo culture and heard that some Navajo children have few material possessions. They decided to collect and donate used bicycles to these children. The group collected 19 bikes and held two workshops to repair them, using parts donated from bicycle shops. Four members traveled to New Mexico to donate the bikes to the Baptist Bible Navajo Church. (Winter 2000 newsletter)
  • One World, One Humanity R&S members at the Applied Learning Academy planted a garden to grow vegetables for a local soup kitchen. They are also tutoring immigrant students at their school. (Spring 2001 newsletter)
  • Richelieu Valley Regional High School Enviro-Club members planted a garden of 500 tulip bulbs to honor World War II veterans. The students also planted 80 lily bulbs, which they monitored for a month, then brought to a senior’s home for Mother’s Day. The Richelieu Valley Regional High School has achieved the JADE Green School Status, in honor of their many environmental service projects. Congratulations! (Spring 2001 newsletter)
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